A viral video explaining the viral AI Photo Generated Hidden Messages is making its rounds online. Check it out.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @wffnews, there are AI-generated photos making rounds online claiming to have hidden messages within them.


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In this particular video, the TikToker is claiming that these AI-generated photos are becoming increasingly popular online as people try to decode them. In order to see some of the images’ hidden messages in this TikTok video, you have to hold the image far away and squint to read the words seemingly being spelled out within the image.

For instance, in the below image that’s also present in the above video, you can read the word: OBEY. the TikToker also decodes some of the other viral AI-generated photos in the additional clips featured in the above TikTok video.

According to this article, AI-generated photos with this alleged subliminal messaging are continuing to go viral online.

What do you think about these viral AI-generated photos with hidden messages making their rounds online?

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