What happens when you are left behind with a replica of your loved one?

The trailer for the upcoming Amazon Studios movie “Foe” is out. It is based on Iain Reid’s novel featuring the same name. It also stars notable names in the industry such as, Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, and Aaron Pierre. It is directed by Garth Davis, whose film Lion (2016) was nominated for Best Picture in the 89th Academy Awards. Check out the trailer below:

The plot is based in 2065, where Junior (Mescal) and Henrietta (Ronan) are living alone on their farm. Until a stranger (Pierre) comes up at their door with the offer of being a part of something special and unique. He offers Junior to live in space. While he is away, a robotic version of him will stay with Henrietta. It will be interesting to see how this will impact their marriage.

In today’s times, AI has started to take over humans. As a result, we all fear getting replaced by it. This movie delves into that uncertainty.

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that we will see this concept on screen. It’s reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode, “Beyond The Sea,” where the replica of two astronauts was left on Earth.

Foe will be released in theatres on October 6, 2023.

Published by HOLR Magazine