Catholic Bishops in the United States have been in talks to create a petition that prohibits politicians who are pro-choice to not be allowed the sacrament of communion. This comes after President Joe Biden made it clear that he is in fact pro-choice and anti-abortion.


The President’s views conflict with the teachings of the catholic church which caused many Bishops in the US to stand against the President and has asked the Vatican to stand alongside them.

Pope Francis the leader of the Catholic Church has denied these requests by US bishops, and before encouraged them to not take this matter to a vote. As of Saturday the Pope still stayed silent on the matter but many experts of the Catholic church can reference  Evangelii Gaudium exhortation, stating “the eucharist is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.”

This is a powerful quote for believers of the Catholic church knowing that if and when they sin, they can repent, and God will forgive them. This same action of repent is physically shown with the Eucharist and the Eucharist gives sinners a way to be forgiven and for God to forgive them.

This petition has been an issue for US Bishops since November when President Joe Biden was elected into office and it was knowing that he was a practising Catholic. As a practising Catholic, the Bishops did not believe that it was right and just for the President to believe in the Church but not follow in their teachings. For the church, the abortion of a baby is not right or just, and if President Biden is Pro-Choice then he should be denied the body of Christ.


This petition is not only for the President, but for any member of politics in the United States, this vote will make sure that any Church in the United States knows which politicians are pro-choice, and that will allow them to deny the members the Eucharist.

The annual meeting between US Bishops took place between June 16-18 virtually and this bill passed with 168 of 229 votes, as there are 270 eligible Bishops in the United States. As the bill has passed, it will now go into a final supermajority vote which will take place in November.