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77-year-old Cher had her request for temporary conservatorship over son Elijah Allman denied after she failed to convince the judge.

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Multiple outlets confirmed via court documents that Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui ruled Cher failed to give Allman and his attorney’s enough time to prepare for the Friday hearing.

In fact, the singer was required by law to provide those documents at least five days before the hearing,

However, she failed to do so within the required time.

Cher filed for Conservatorship for Elijah Blue Allman in December,

Due to allegations of severe mental health and substance abuse issues that his mother says prevents him from being able “manage his financial assets.”

cher son elijah

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According to reports Cher argued that due to a pending trust payment, the need for conservatorship was a “life-and-death proposition.”

Unfortunately, the Judge wasn’t swayed by the argument and denied the request,

Because Judge Uzcategui had apparently cited the singer’s “unwillingness” to share information with Allman’s attorneys.

However, Cher responded to this reasoning by citing “highly sensitive material” and “mistrust of anyone except a court appointed lawyer.”

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Meanwhile, Allman himself made his feelings on the matter clear, and clapped back at his mother.

In fact, Allman filed an objection this week and denies his mother’s allegations saying, “there’s no emergency that requires it.”

However, he did say in his motion to dismiss,

“Given that I no longer have an active dissolution case, I believe that my wife would have priority to be appointed conservator, if necessary, but I do not need that either,” Allman said.

“Under no circumstances am I comfortable having my mom as my conservator even if that was necessary.”

Allman added that he has been “clean and sober from illicit substances for more than 90 days.”

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On the outside, it looks exactly as it is, a mother wanting to do the best for her son’s welfare.

But is conservatorship necessary here?

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