Perez Hilton posts a new alarming update regarding Britney Spears, “Britney is very unwell.”

Perez Hilton took to his Instagram account to share a video with more information about Britney Spears. These exclusive details address fans’ growing concerns about the singer so HOLR is breaking down the shocking video below.

Perez Hilton

Image Credit: Perez Hilton Instagram

Perez starts out by saying, “I have been allowed to share more information with you all about Britney Spears- exclusive details that are alarming. First, an update. Unfortunately, those who love Britney are still concerned for her well-being, and those who love Britney also tell me that they are concerned that someone who is meant to protect her may not be doing that.”

According to Hilton, “I’m talking about Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart.” Hilton goes on to say, “Does he have Britney Spear’s best interests at heart or does he have selfish ulterior motives?”

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but after the conservatorship was over, there was a step-down period where  Mathew could have made sure that Britney got better, but, I’m told that didn’t happen,” says Hilton. “And, I’m told, that this man is charging Britney insane amounts of money- millions of dollars. And money isn’t coming in like it used to.”

Hilton ends the video by stating, “Mathew sure has been doing a lot of press lately. But, I do think it is important for you all to know that while Britney is very unwell, at this moment there are people who care about her and are trying to help. And, hopefully, everybody on team Britney can get on board on the same page to make sure she has the support and improves like she needs to- everybody.”

So, what does this mean exactly? HOLR will continue to monitor the story and provide additional updates regarding Britney Spears.

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