During a recent YouTube video done in collaboration with Vogue Magazine, star Chloë Grace Moretz shares her top beauty tips for the ultimate “Off-Duty” look.

Today, we’re focusing on Chloë’s skincare go-to’s!

chloe grace moretz

Image Credit: Vogue YouTube

We’re breaking down Chloë Grace Moretz’s top beauty tips and tricks from her latest video with Vogue.

The star has glowing skin so we’re excited to break down some of her go-to skincare rituals in order to learn about how we can incorporate them into our own at-home routines.

chloe grace moretz

Image Credit: Vogue YouTube

Olive Oil

Chloë loves using olive oil to start off her beauty routine, as mentioned in the video. She claims she used to have “really bad” cystic acne, and she decided to go the natural route and integrate olive oil into her skincare routine.

She states that ever since using olive oil, her cystic acne cleared up within months. In the video, when demonstrating how she uses the product, she appears to put some olive oil onto her hands and massage it into her skin. She then takes a biodegradable face towel and wipes her face clean.

Pro tip: Biodegradable towels are a great way to reduce breakouts since towels that are constantly being reused can sometimes harvest bacteria after multiple uses.

SKII’s Miracle Water

After double cleansing her skin with a Japanese rice brand cleanser and following up with a serum, Chloë takes SKII’s Miracle Water and pats it all over her face as an essence.

Since her skin is on the drier side after using Accutane growing up, Chloë loves to use oils and serums to hydrate her skin! This is a great tip to keep in mind during cooler months when most of us tend to experience dry skin.

chloe grace moretz

Image Credit: Vogue YouTube

Face training

Next up during her routine, Chloë chats about the benefits of face training as she uses a face roller to massage her skin. According to Chloë, as soon as she incorporated this step into her routine, it helped with lymphatic drainage.

Pro tip: Face rollers aren’t just for faces! Take a cue from Chloë and use the face roller on your neck, too!

Youth To The People Eye Cream

Eye cream is an amazing product that should be a must-add to your everyday routine. This one in particular from Youth To The People helps target fine lines and wrinkles, and features ingredients such as Gogi Stem Cells which help support skin renewal.

Pro tip: use your ring finger to rub in your eye cream as your eyes can be super sensitive and your ring finger is delicate!

Chloë takes it one step further and doubles up on eye cream to ensure her under eyes stay super nourished!

Don’t forget to moisturize!

From what we can tell from the video, Chloë’s magic rule is to moisturize! She loves following up her serums and oils (in that order) with moisturizer- two to be exact!

Take your time to really rub your moisturizer into your skin, just like Chloë!

Chloë grace moretz

Image Credit: Vogue YouTube


Chloë’s final step (before makeup) is to finish off her skincare routine with some sunscreen. This is a super important tip to remember because sun damage is no joke- it’s important to protect your skin from environmental stressors t ensure it looks and feels radiant and healthy at all times.

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