Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, who welcomed their child on January 13, shared a sweet photo of the infant being held by her older siblings, son Miles, 4, and daughter Luna, 6.

John Legend and Wife Chrissy Teigen Reveal New Baby's Name and 1st Family Photo

Image Credit: Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

“She’s here! Esti Maxine Stephens — the house is bustling and our family could not be happier,” Chrissy wrote in an Instagram post on January 19 posting a picture of Miles, 4, and Luna, 6, holding the newborn.

Teigen continued, “Daddy sheds nightly tears of joy seeing Luna and Miles so full of love, and I am learning you still need diapers with a c section!? We are in bliss. Thank you for all the love and well wishes – we feel it all!”

The couple welcomed their third child on January 13. Legend originally announced the news to the audience last Friday night while playing at a private performance, saying that he and his wife had just welcomed “the little baby this morning.”

The musician said, “What a blessed day,” explaining that despite having “not gotten much sleep,” he felt “energised” after spending “a lot of time” by Chrissy’s side in the hospital.

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