Did Chrissy Teigen breastfeed?

Chrissy Teigen gives readers an insight to how she manages breastfeeding with a surrogate. When it comes to feeding her newborn Son Wren, she admits the breast milk comes from Alexandra.

In an Instagram post by the reality star, she is seen promoting a breast milk collector and bag brand. However, in an interview she opens up about her experiences. “Getting to re-experience breastfeeding with Esti was such a joy.” “Using the Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Breast Milk Collector and Silicone Milk Storage Bag to save my breast milk made it a breeze,” she said praising the product.

Teigen went on to explain that she had used this product before with her daughter Esti. The mother of four revealed that this time she was feeding her newborn son, Wren, thanks to breast milk from her surrogate, Alexandra. “Not only that, Miles has been incredibly excited to be a part of the process,” she said in the post. Calling the moments “priceless.

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Credit Image: Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Furthermore, for the couple it said that Alexandra holds “a special place” in their hearts. As well as calling their surrogate “the most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate we could ever imagine.”

How many children does Teigen have?

Moreover, now a family of six, let’s take a look at Chrissy Teigan’s family.

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The reality Star has always been open about her issues with fertility in the past. However, despite the heartaches, she is a mother to four beautiful Children. Let’s meet them. Chrissy and John’s eldest Luna, now 7, their son Miles, now 5, daughter Esti, 7 months and of course baby Wren.

Prior to the birth of Esti and baby Wren, the couple endured a devastating loss. In 2020, Chrissy and John lost their son Jack at 20 weeks who was stillborn. A truly heartbreaking loss for the couple. The birth of Esti and Wren must have been dream.

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