It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air. Immersing all the movie buffs once more, into the world of romantic cinema. This year, Hagerty– a company known for perpetuating the love of driving- decided to round up a few classics and the classic four-wheeled characters that played an integral role in uniting those memorable lovers on the silver screen. We’re bringing you those, and what to expect with each film. 


William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet 

1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

As an ode to the well-known tragic Shakespeare classic, this tale is about two lovers from feuding crime families. Romeo and Juliet fall in love at a masked ball and the rest, as they say, is history.

Say Anything

1977 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

An optimistic Lloyd tries to enchant an unattainable high-school crush, Diane. Her father, however, does not approve of the union.


1949 Dodge Wayfarer

A summer fling between Olivia and Danny, who belong to two high-school friend groups in the 1950s. The question is, will it last? A beautiful expression of friendship and romance, this musical film is sure to warm your hearts.

The Notebook

1946 Hudson Commodore 

A mill worker Noah meets an elite rich girl Allie. They’re hopelessly in love and her parents do not approve. The fling ends when Noah gets drafted and Allie moves on with another man. However, he returns to Allie on the precipice of her wedding and they realize, their feelings never left. 

Southside With You

1982 Nissan Sentra

This biographical romantic film is about Barack Obama and his fateful first date with Michelle Robinson. 

A Walk to Remember

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

An unfocused high-school senior Landon falls in love with Jamie, an innocent batchmate whom he and his friends despised. Watch this passionate and powerful story develop into an inspirational relationship where they learn a lot about themselves and each other.


1912 Renault

A romance unfolds between an aristocrat and an artist on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. Watch their stolen moments evolve into a beautiful testimony of friendship and love.