Did Clinton Kane and Brooke Schofield date? HOLR breaks down the rumors surrounding a new song.

Brooke Schofield Ex Boyfriend

In this TikTok video posted by user @trishiikefish, Schofield and Tana Mongeau were discussing a new song reportedly by Australian artist Clinton Kane- which is allegedly about Schofield.

clinton kane brooke schofield


As noted in the video, while discussing the topic of toxic exes, Schofield explains that she has a new song that she wants to play that she thinks is about her. “I think it’s pretty safe for me to assume [it’s about me],” she claims in the clip.

Mongeau agrees that Kane is “so talented” but Schofield admits that the person who wrote the song allegedly “blocked” her. The reason Schofield assumes this song is about her is because he “technically” left her and allegedly hasn’t been in a relationship since.

Clinton Kane I Guess I’m In Love lyrics

As Schofield claims, lyrics state that the person he wrote the song about was his “biggest mistake.” The song also says, “Stay outta my mind” in reference to the person the song is supposedly about.

Schofield alleges that he “cannot stop” thinking about her in regards to the lyrics. Although she does not name the song, it is supposedly “I Guess I’m In Love.”

Clinton Kane Brooke Schofield

People took to the comment section to discuss Schofield and Kane’s supposed relationship.

clinton kane brooke schofield


Clinton Kane Family

Kane reportedly went viral for lying about his mother’s death. It is also alleged that his is faking his Australian accent. As noted- this is all alleged.

What do you think about this alleged news?

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