Social media star Tana Mongeau took to TikTok to detail the latest drama between her and model Duda Castro. HOLR breaks down the viral video.

As seen in the latest video posted by Tana Mongeau on TikTok (@tanamongeaulol), there is some drama happening between the social media star and model, Duda Castro.


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In the above video, Tana explains that her friends convinced her to slide into a guy’s DMs after she claimed he was “so – and I cannot express this enough- so fine.” When she did, she messaged him “god sent me here.” He seemingly replied with, “I’m sending you back to god first class airmail.” She recalls feeling mortified and then sees that he followed up to ask her, “Don’t you know my girlfriend?”

Tana doesn’t know who his girlfriend is then sees that someone named Duda Castro mentioned her in her social media story. She posted Tana’s DMs to her man on her story along with a photo of her and Tana together. “B*tch I don’t know you!” Tana claims. Tana claims the viral photo of the pair together was taken when Duda seemingly invited herself to Tana’s house and asked for a photo “like it was a meet and greet.” Tana claims this is weirder than her “sliding in” her “hot boyfriend’s DMs.” Tana also claims that she has never followed Duda.

She ends the video by stating that she would never slide into a man’s DMs who is taken but she “hopes” that the pair have an “awful breakup and he wants to f*ck me one day to spite you,” she directs at Duda.

Duda then took to social media to film a video in response to Tna’s accusations but allegedly took down the video shortly after posting. Instead, she posted a series of stories on Instagram to address the drama.

Image Credits: @thedudacastro Instagram

Tana has yet to respond to Duda’s latest receipts.

What do you think about the latest drama involving the two? 

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