Brooke Schofield spoke openly about someone who got a little too close for comfort on the CANCELLED podcast with Tana Mongeau. Was this girl an alleged stalker?

Brooke Schofield and Tana Mongeau took to the CANCELLED podcast recently to talk about their alleged stalker situations. Check out this clip below reposted by user @dannydoesntknow from the podcast of Schofield’s encounter with a girl who got a little too close for comfort.


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Brooke Schofield and Tana Mongeau

As noted in the TikTok video, Schofield discusses an encounter she had with a girl in her building. When they first met, Schofield introduced herself as the girl was moving in and she gave the girl her phone number since she was a new tenant- just to be nice. Following this interaction, weird things started happening in which the girl would text Schofield all the time or show up at her apartment and stay for hours. However, Schofield claimed that the girl would also say things that didn’t really make sense.

Then, after a while even weirder things would start to happen as Schofield let the girl watch her cat while she was out of town, and upon her return she noticed that the girl had tried on her clothes in her apartment and driven her car. She also noticed that the girl recently searched the internet for things like “Brooke Schofield Drama” and “Clinton Kane Brooke Schofield” while in her apartment. She also claims that she sees this girl constantly throughout the building.

The weirdest thing that happened was that when Schofield was asked to watch this girl’s cat, Schofield noticed that this girl’s apartment was completely empty- she just had a mattress on the floor.

What do you think about Schofield’s alleged stalker situation?

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