Coco Austin Daughter Bullied

Coco Austin reveals how she taught her 8-year-old daughter, Chanel to stand up to bullies.

Austin who shares the little girl with husband actor Ice-Tea recently shared that a lesson in kindness helped her daughter befriend a bully.

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While speaking exclusively with E!News Correspondent, Francesca Amiker on Dec. 10, Austin told E! it all began with a conversation about bullies.

“We had one bully conversation and it was actually in kindergarten- “This little girl was bullying her, and she used to come home and say, ‘Mommy, I don’t like this girl. She’s mean to me.'”

So, how did mama bear deal with it?

During a school function one day, Austin took the opportunity to try and make things right.

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Credit Image: Coco Austin @coco

Approaching the parent of the her daughter’s classmate, Coco set about to changing their opinion of her.

“When I saw this parent,” she explained, “I killed her with kindness.”

“And her whole opinion changed of me, and she probably had a conversation with her daughter [because] Chanel didn’t have a problem the rest of the year.”

Now that is one cool mama [and way to put critics in their place].

Seriously, that deserves a solid A in parenting.

And the result…

Coco revealed that 8-year-old Chanel didn’t have problems after that.

In fact, the two classmates became friends during that year.

Awww, that’s the sweetest thing and honestly the best outcome a parent could achieve.

Coco also revealed that more or less from that point, her daughters new friend had always wanted to visit their house.

Adding that in the end, sometimes all it takes is to “kill them with kindness.”

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Credit Image: Coco Austin @coco

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The model herself is no stranger to online trolling and bullying, so it’s great see when people are still able to keep their head and stay kind even to those who are rude to them.

However, while things settled for Chanel at school, Coco and Ice-tea have a new battlefront brewing.

The world of social media and the desire to protect her daughter from the truth of the world.

While, their little girl has mastered the lesson on bullies, we wish the parents luck on their latest battle.

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