Big, bold, and colorful jewelry is back in a big way as 2021 fashion shows showcased everything from beach beads at Versace, to shoulder-grazing gemstone earrings at Dolce and Gabbana. Schiaparelli’s haute couture Fall 2021/2022 online fashion show also featured elaborate pieces dripping with emeralds, sapphires, and baroque pearls. Not only are they great conversation pieces, but these show-stoppers can also be a good investment, especially since the value of gold and gemstones continues to appreciate over time. Now that they’re in style again, it’s time to unearth your colorful jewelry collection and wear them with pride. Upgrade your style and consider these fresh and fun ways to wear your colorful jewelry.

Go for contrast

To really highlight the color and brilliance of your gemstone jewelry, consider color blocking them against your clothes. It’s an exciting way to create contrast, and they make vintage jewelry styles look more modern in an instant. For instance, try pairing sapphire jewelry with a bright yellow or orange dress. The  deep blue of sapphires contrasts wonderfully with citrus tones, and they make a dramatic style statement, especially if they’re in a white gold setting. You can also try pairing amethyst jewelry with a deep green dress, or wear a topaz necklace and drop earrings with a purple dress or gown. Additionally, red gemstones can make a bold fashion statement when mixing and matching them with the right attire. They can be used to make a simple black dress look instantly more striking, mixing their vibrant shades with the keen edge of blackness.

Combine different silhouettes and shapes

Combining different silhouettes and shapes is one of the best ways to style your jewelry and give your look an interesting twist. Consider wearing a jeweled cuff on one arm, then a stack of thin bangles with gemstones on the other arm. You can also try layering a pendant necklace with a multi-gemstone necklace– it looks really chic when paired with a smart casual outfit. Wearing dainty stacked gemstone rings and a statement cocktail ring on one hand can also level up your jewelry game. Meanwhile, wearing a gemstone hoop with ear cuffs is an easy way to give your look a bit of edge, and this look pairs well with distressed jeans, a leather jacket, and heeled boots.

Wear a black gemstone

If you’d rather not wear rainbow-colored jewelry, consider wearing a black gemstone. They’re quite unusual, and few women tend to wear them, especially during the day. Choose a pendant with a black tourmaline, black onyx, black amethyst, hematite, or shungite and wear it with a white, beige, grey, or camel-colored outfit. A cocktail ring with a black gemstone can also make a strong style statement. Pair your cocktail ring with a good manicure–try painting your nails a matte black or a shiny gray to draw attention to your hands. To add some sparkle and shine, mix your black gemstone jewelry with a few gold pieces, such as a gold bracelet and stackable gold rings.
Colorful jewelry is in once more. Get your gemstone jewelry out of storage, give them a good clean, and try these styling tips to add interest to your outfit and to refresh your overall look.
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