Denim is, undoubtedly, a wardrobe staple that works for every season.

It’s almost always been this way: the ‘90s and ‘00s are almost unimaginable without denim. The fabric is even prominent in our style from earlier decades, particularly the ‘70s and the ‘80s.

Today, particularly with the rise of nostalgia-inspired fashion, denim has never been more prominent. From runway shows to ‘model off-duty’ inspired streetwear, the fabric has become a favourite in many different styles and washes. While we’d go for a medium-wash blue jean for a classic look, it’s also fun to switch it up with different styles. For instance, we could go for shortened black pair of jeans for a feminine yet edgy look, or ripped light-wash jeans for a relaxed, laid-back look.

We also see denim in different designs, like shirts, skirts, dresses, corsets, accessories, and even shoes. This spring, there’s no better way than to rejuvenate your wardrobe than with a classic piece. Here’s a list of the ‘In’ styles this season, plus a unique styling guide!

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans hit the perfect balance between relaxed yet stylish. Not only is the silhouette the epitome of cool-girl style, it’s also one of Bella Hadid’s favourites. It’s certainly got the model-off-duty stamp of approval all over it! Style it with a baby tee, corset top, or even with a chic cardigan. Finally, bring your look together with minimal body jewelry, maximalist rings, and sneakers or heels.

Bella Hadid in Baggy Jeans

Pierre Suu / Getty Images


Low rise is, undoubtedly, the most polarizing style on this list. But it’s certainly making its comeback, with the revival of ’00s inspired fashion. They’re also rising in popularity because of runway appearances, especially by Versace, Blumarine, and Missoni. Style it with solid-colour button-ups that are unbuttoned below the chest. Corset tops, cut-out tops, bralettes, and Y2K inspired baby tees are also solid options.

Low Rise Jeans

Gotham / GC Images

Cargo Denim

Although cargo pants are a streetwear staple, they’re even cooler in denim. A twist on classic styles like the baggy or the bootcut, cargo denim pants add a unique edge to your style. Style it with skin-tight tops, translucent printed tees, or go classic streetwear with an oversized, grungy tee, layered necklaces, and sneakers.

Cargo Denim

Christian Vierig

Tailored and Corset-inspired Tops

Tailored denim is taking the world by storm, especially on the runway. Labels like Alexander McQueen and AREA have given the look a couture twist. However, the style is also prominent in street style and everyday clothing. Tailored denim tops are a style statement in and of themselves: they’re not oversized, laid-back, or even casual, which is what makes them unique. For a unique twist on your personal tailored denim top, look for one with unique details. For instance, this AREA top has set itself apart by drawing inspiration from corsetry. Style it with white or deep-green trousers, or even pull out your favourite pair of jeans for a unique, double denim moment.

Corset inspired denim top

@area on Instagram


Patchwork style is all the rage right now, especially for springtime. This style completely reimagines and redefines vintage denim, and breathes life and personality into otherwise casual denim pieces. Brands both on and off the runway are embracing this trend for the spring in subtle and unique ways. Coach, for example, anticipated the trend in their S/S 2022 collection. On the other hand, retail stores like Hollister are known for their patchwork denim. This season, we’re styling it the way we’d style our favourite jeans: with everything.

Patchwork Jeans

Filippo Fior via Vogue

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