Safety when using the road is a top priority for everyone. However, an accident may result from several factors. Thus, it is essential to consider the accident cause when seeking legal counsel, which will be instrumental in the case, whether you are the defendant or plaintiff. The factors may vary from those within the driver’s control to other external factors that the driver can’t control. In case you’re wondering, here are common causes of car accidents you should know.

Over Speeding

Over speeding causes a significant percentage of road accidents across the globe. You can move over speed by driving too fast or exceeding the specified speed range limits in a particular area. For instance, when you move too fast in a place where the speed limit is lower due to children or construction works present, you may cause an accident.

Unfortunately, you may also have an accident if another party is over speeding without regard to the speed threshold.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is also another common cause of road accidents. If you take alcohol and embark on the road behind the wheel, it may impair your judgment, visual capacity, and even physical coordination when driving.


Thus, you may think, see, and even drive differently without adherence to traffic regulations. It becomes hard to coordinate your mental and physical attributes when driving correctly. Additionally, the estimation of distances also becomes problematic. On the other hand, you may be the affected party when a drunk driver causes an accident.


Furthermore, driving under the influence of specific prescriptions can also cause an accident. Your doctor may warn you about uncontrollable drowsiness for some medication, which may affect your ability to drive. If using such medicine, ensure you follow your doctor’s advice and get someone else to drive you.

Distracted Driving 

For safe driving, your physical, mental, and even visual coordination should be top-notch. Should you have any distractions affecting either or all of the above features, a road accident may occur. You can have a physical distraction when you take off your hands on the wheel to perform another task. It may include answering your call or text, taking a bite, or even attending to your child’s distress call and giving them a toy or snack to help them calm down.


Additionally, avoid mental distractions but eliminate any stress factors that can influence your ability to drive. If you find yourself thinking about something else instead of concentrating on the road, stop driving until you regain your mental composure. You may also have fatigue, which will hinder your coordination for proper driving.


On the other hand, if you notice someone else doing the above, you can want them on the dangers of a possible car accident due to their behaviour. When you, unfortunately, have an accident, it is essential to seek legal expert services if injured in a Semi-trailer truck Traffic collision to help on insurance claims and personal injury cases. For a visual distraction, an accident may occur when you take your eyes off the road, even for a split second.

Other Ignorance of Traffic Safety 

Road traffic laws and regulations are a constant reminder to enhance safety. Therefore, any violation of such laws increases the probability of having a road accident. It may include tailgating another driver, which means following someone too closely without leaving a two-second allowance for any possible danger.


You may also obstruct another driver to the right of way, failing to show taillights and even sudden lanes change. On the other hand, when you suddenly break due to another party’s reckless driving and an accident, the other driver is held to blame. 

Defective Vehicle  

When a specific vehicle car part is faulty, the instance manufacturer will announce a recall. If an accident occurs on the failure of a car part, the car manufacturer shoulders all blame. It may be a failure to brake, unintentional acceleration, and even sudden motor failure, which may lead to a collision. 


Therefore, if you notice any strange car functions, always ensure your licensed car dealer checks your car. Additionally, frequent motor servicing will eliminate the risk of a faulty car part and addresses any dysfunction that can endanger your safety and other road users as well. 

Poor Road Structure 

Proper road design is instrumental in enhancing road safety for all, whether driving a vehicle, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, passengers, and others walking along the road too. Should the road design have low maintenance or build that makes it dangerous, an accident is imminent. 

Unfavourable Weather Conditions

When the weather is unfavourable, it is essential to drive slowly to minimize any potential road accident risks. For instance, when it is raining, snowing, and even misty, visibility becomes problematic. When someone drives too fast without considering the current conditions, an accident may occur.


Driving on the roads is part of our everyday lives, whether we travel to school or work by car, driving is part of our jobs. Being aware of the main causes of road accidents will go a long way to keeping our minds well and truly focused on the road ahead.