When sustainability starts to become a trend and companies are jumping on it as a way of greenwashing consumers, it’s good to know that there are still some good companies out there that put the planet and its occupants first before profit. Here are three companies’ sustainable missions that inspire us.

Companies with Inspiring Sustainable Missions


Kent is a super natural underwear brand that uses 100% GOTS certified organic prima cotton. GOTS certification guarantees the traceability of organic cotton from when and where it’s picked, all the way to its final stage of production. It also guarantees fair-trade and ethical working conditions. KENT is dedicated to making biodegradable products. As a matter of fact, their underwear is made of 100& natural plant-based materials that are completely compostable. They claim that their plant-able products are designed to return to nature in 90 days after it’s planted. This initiative is highlighted in their “Plant Your Pants” campaign where they teach their customers how to compost their ur KENT underwear. 

Sustainability doesn’t only come from good raw materials, it’s also about practicing transparency in all aspects of the business. KENT has a dedicated page showing their 2020 environmental impact on their website. 


The outdoor clothing and apparel brand is well-known for its sustainable practices. Since 1973, it has been the leading brand that puts ethical and environmental-friendly practices as its main priority. 

In 1986, they committed themselves to donate 10% of their annual profits to smaller groups that work to restore habitats. Later on, they switched to donating 1% of each sale they make. Throughout these years, Patagonia strives to be as eco-conscious as they can by changing their mass production practices, eliminating raw materials that have proven to be toxic, and improving the quality of their products to have longer wearability. 

Companies with Inspiring Sustainable Missions

Photo Credit: Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap 

Who Gives A Crap is not only good for your bum but also great for the world. This cheeky (pun intended) toilet paper company started as a crowdfunding campaign in 2012. Its mission is to produce eco-friendly toilet paper and to build clean toilets in developing countries. Roughly 40% of the global population do not have access to clean toilets and Who Gives A Crap aims to provide clean water and sanitation to those who need it by donating 50% of their profits. So far, they have donated over AUD 10 million and have partnered with organizations like Splash, Water and Sanitation For The Urban Poor (WSUP), Lwala Community Alliance, and many more. 

Now, the brand has expanded its products to paper towels and tissues that are ‘forest-friendly.

For big companies like the ones mentioned above, it can be challenging to achieve sustainable missions, but time and time again, they prove that such practices and goals are possible as long as corporations care. Genuinely. 

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