How to crate train your puppy and the best training products on Amazon.

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful addition to the family but the first few weeks can be tough. The puppy can experience homesickness the first few days. So it’s important to integrate him into his new routine early on. With consistency, you will be able to crate train your puppy in no time. Here are the 4 products to buy on Amazon to help your puppy become crate trained.

Best Puppy Crate on Amazon

When buying a crate for your puppy, it should be big enough for your puppy to stand, turn around and sit back down. Dogs are den animals and love a cozy space to nestle into as it acts as a safe place for them. To get your puppy used to his crate, start by leaving it open and allowing him to walk in there himself. Place a a toy in there and reward him with praise and treats when he goes in there. Then close the door and if he starts whining, ignore him for the first couple of minutes. If he doesn’t settle down reassure him with your voice and by placing your hand near. Once he calms down for a few minutes, open the crate, give him a treat in the crate and praise him. Eventually he’ll begin to associate his crate with toys, treats and safety and will start to go in there himself. Buy this puppy crate on Amazon Canada. Retail price starts at $31.99 for a 24-inch.

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Best Toy for Puppy Anxiety

Sometimes puppies whine in their crates as a sign of separation anxiety. So in order to help him self soothe it can be beneficial to get a toy for him that has a heartbeat and a heat pack. Just put the toy in the crate when it’s bed time and it can help to calm him when it’s bedtime by mimicking something living. Amazon Canada has a great selection of toys that mimic a heartbeat that are available to order on Prime. Like this heartbeat snuggle toy for puppy anxiety. Retails for $49.99 but based on the great reviews, it sounds like it’s well worth it.

Best Play Pen on Amazon

If your puppy is struggling with sleeping in his crate at night, buy a large play pen. The play pen should be able to fit his crate and a pee pad. One of the reasons puppies cry in the middle of the night is because they need to use the bathroom. If you don’t want to use training pads the first couple of weeks, then it’s important to set an alarm. Wake him up to take him out before he wakes you.

If you wait until he starts crying to let him out then he’ll learn that crying gets your attention. The first couple of weeks will be tough and filled with a disturbed sleep schedule but it will be worth it in the long run. Eventually your puppy will be able to go longer without waking up. Buy this play pen on Amazon Canada. Retail price starts at $78.99 for 30 inch height.

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Best Pee Pads on Amazon

If you pee pad train your puppy in the beginning, it can give you a longer nights sleep. Set up his play pen in your bedroom beside you. Put his crate and pee pad in there so if he wakes to pee in the night he has somewhere to go. He may still whine when he notices you’re on the bed. But you can help combat this, by giving him a piece of clothing that smells like you. Or what I found helpful was briefly hanging my leg off the bed so he realizes he’s not alone. After three tough nights with my puppy, by the fourth I didn’t have to touch him anymore. He would see my leg, relieve himself and then go back to sleep. The most important thing, is not to give him too much attention when he’s whining at night. And make sure not to pick him up onto the bed as tempting as it is. Buy these leak-proof puppy training pads on Amazon Prime Canada. Retails for $18.89.

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Best Puppy Teething Ring on Amazon

Puppies love to chew everything. One of the ways you can get him used to his crate in the daytime, is to put a bully stick or chewing ring in there. Chewing helps to calm the pup and it feels great on their growing teeth. Give him his bully stick as he’s winding down before nighttime as well. This will calm him down and help to establish a nighttime routine. Try not to let him nap right before bed and take him out to relieve himself right before. Eventually he’ll understand that when it’s wind down time, it’s almost time for bed. As he gets older, this routine will help him to develop good habits. You want to teach your pup independence from a young age to help curb barking and separation anxiety. Buy this puppy chewing ring on Amazon Prime Canada. Retails for $13.12.

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