My love for podcasts led me to the home-grown (Mumbai-based) podcast ‘Creative Audios. In’. This new podcast features something for everyone- from little kids to literature buffs. Listeners are spoilt for choice as they can choose to listen to readings of a collection of the world’s best stories written by great writers ,all presented by Ajay Tambe with amazing audio experience.

The collection of fictional works  on each podcast episode is read out by Ajay Tambe, an actor and artist who works on the theatre scene in Mumbai and also has been part of some short films and web series. Mr. Tambe lends his impeccable talent of voice acting and lovely intonation to each reading and thus brings characters to life with his crystal-clear narration and expressive voiceover in each work. The  readings also feature some beautiful instrumental music which complements the reading without overpowering it.

Mr. Tambe felt inspired to start this podcast in order to find a way to connect his passion with his profession and thus stay in practice during the quarantine since he was out of work due to the pandemic which brought a curtain down on theatre and the entertainment industry in India. He also began his own audio production house to begin his podcast which he describes as a ‘new fiction story network which is available worldwide’ and all the audio stories are available under public domain while adhering to all the rules and regulations of podcasting.

If you’re a busy parent struggling during the quarantine with a kid who refuses to go to bed on time or who is acting naughtier than usual or you just want them to learn something educational, be sure to tune in to the podcast as it offers quality content in the form of readings from classics like The Arabian Nights, fairy tales and bed time stories like The King of the Jungle & even the classic ‘Kabuliwala’ by Tagore (which was in fact my favorite as a kid) & there are episodes galore to keep one entertained.

The podcast content itself feels like a pure nostalgic trip for the young and old who grew up reading the classic works of great writers like Tagore, Manto and many others and it’s not often that one finds a reading of the same in Hindi nowadays which allows for the language to find a larger platform and thus finds favor among the Indian audience both in India and abroad.

Each episode lasts around 8-12 minutes & the motive behind the podcast is to ‘serve the best stories and the best audio experience to audiences.’  ‘Creative’ can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and 27+ podcast hosting platforms for free. Mr. Tambe is currently working on an audio series of ‘Sherlock Holmes’, so stay tuned for that as well.