Born and raised in Australia, Daniel Patrick is a creative genius. He had a vision for fashion from the age of 4 when he first became aware of his passion. His first line was launched in 2012, and his fashion career has flourished ever since. Previously a professional rugby player he traded that life to pursue fashion and retail transferring his natural drive and ambition into building his own fashion brand. 

Daniel Patrick’s inspiration stems from his favourite cities such as Los Angeles and New York, his cultural preferences such as hip hop music and his identity as an athlete. Each collection is linked to his authentic self in conjunction with a minimalist, militant, and classy appeal. What is also remarkable about Daniel Patrick is the constant release of new items which is far more often than other fashion brands. This speed is more evidence of Daniel’s discipline, eagerness, and commitment to his clothing line. 

Daniel Patrick is exceedingly mindful with his creations, wanting to provide his customers with quality and care. His clothing pieces which are sourced in Los Angeles and individually handcrafted, designed and housed in the DTLA headquarters, include categories for men and women. There are currently over 50 high-end Daniel Patrick boutiques around the world with plans to expand into Melrose. The Daniel Patrick line has recently added small leather goods and footwear evidence that it is on its way to fully embracing the concept of a lifestyle brand. It continues to evolve and thrive attested by its new collaboration with Adidas featuring all necessary basics. 

Introducing Daniel Patrick x Adidas Collaboration Basketball x James Harden Collection: This Men’s Collection is curated with attention and high standards. Its trademark colour coordination includes track pants, sneakers, a hoodie, a t-shirt, basketball shorts, shorts, a jacket, a long sleeve, and short tights all of which are currently on sale. The collection aligns with Daniel Patrick’s values. There’s a simplistic yet sophisticated edge to each item which tie into the collection as a whole. Each article has a neutral coloured foundation and incorporates subtle tones of either neon orange, green-yellow, or pink. The short tights are neon yellow, ideal to pair underneath the basketball shorts. There are two pairs of sneakers modelled off a traditional Adidas sneaker. One is white and olive, accessorized with neon green Daniel Patrick laces with an off white sole, and the other is a black shoe with white stripes, complemented by an orange and a marble designed sole. The look can be completed flawlessly with the t-shirt, hoodie, pants, or shorts from the collection, and is suitable for on or off the court. Each item features a unique design, yet all stick to a theme and are versatile enough to be worn interchangeably. 

This Collection challenges artistic and creative innovation, especially in the world of athleisure which is prospering and becoming more competitive. The Daniel Patrick x Adidas Collaboration meshes the concept of performance with aesthetics ingeniously. 

Daniel currently lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles. His story and brand are motivating and sensational and as he progresses he continues to create a brand that inspires and impacts the fashion industry with many more collaborations and collections to look forward to.