People are outraged after Denise Frazier dog video is leaked. HOLR is breaking down the scandal.

A leaked video of Denise Frazier, 19, and a dog has gone viral on social media and people are disgusted by the content. The reportedly graphic and violent nature of the video is disturbing and offensive as it supposedly shows Frazier performing an “indecent act” with a dog.

denise frazier

Denise Frazier Image Credit Courtesy: Jones Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Denis Frazier Dog Video 

Denise Frazier dog video has gone viral after being leaked on social media. The contents of the video are extremely disturbing and have led to Frazier being arrested and charged with two counts. According to this article, Frazier has been charged with unnatural intercourse and aggravated cruelty to animals.

The article goes on to say that police in Mississippi were alerted to the video “by a concerned resident who spotted it on social media.” Apparently, the videos “are so graphic” that officers are not even allowed to talk about them, as mentioned by Sergeant J.D. Carter, of Jones County Sheriff’s Department. As noted here, this is reportedly one of the “most disturbing cases” law enforcement in the area has seen.

Denis Frazier Dog Video Reddit

Reddit threads have popped up – such as this one- relating to the incident but users have yet to comment on the situation at large.

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