The first thing people usually see is your smile. It’s hard to ignore a nice bright set of white teeth, and it helps you have plenty of confidence by shining those straight teeth with a nice grin. Keeping your teeth nice and healthy, along with your overall oral hygiene, is something you’ve been taught since you were a small child, and it’s very good to always remember it.

Flossing, brushing, and doing your best to maintain your mouth health is a must, so it’s good to brush up on some of the knowledge you gathered as a kid. If you’re looking to make sure that your dental care is up to date or if you’re looking to learn some more important dental tips, then here are some that will help.

How to Avoid Things That Stain Teeth

Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are all things that can end up causing problems for your health, but also your teeth. They can stain your teeth making it hard (not impossible) to get your white teeth back. With plenty of effort, it’s possible to return those pearly whites, but it’s also going to take a long time. Try to limit your intake of coffee to prevent this and obviously try to lessen your intake of tobacco and alcohol for general health reasons.

Another problem that coffee can cause is it can build up on your teeth and create triangular spaces between your teeth. According to the experts behind Smiles by Hanna, you can fix this with porcelain veneers which can cover unattractive gaps, discoloration, overlapping teeth, or jagged tooth edges. They are custom-made and designed to fit your teeth to give you a perfect smile.

What Procedures Can Help Restore Teeth and Smiles

If you’re worried about your teeth because you think they’re damaged, and you have no choices, you’re wrong. This Melbourne porcelain veneers clinic is just one of many that highlights the ability to fix teeth, not just temporarily, but permanently. Veneers are common, as are the numerous types of dental implants. The most common procedure is getting braces too, but the point is that you’re never out of luck if you truly need to repair your smile and teeth.

The Proper Way to Brush and Floss

It’s good to remember one of the fundamental aspects of dental care: brushing and flossing. It’s something that has been told to you over and over again, it’s good to remember how to do them well. Brushing properly means getting all of your sets of teeth and all over, plus doing it long enough (1 minute per set). Flossing each day is necessary too, it’s very crucial to get deep into the crevices of the teeth to remove any food that can build up and lead to long-term problems.

Foods that Can Damage Your Teeth

It’s also good to know what foods are potentially damaging to your mouth, especially people with braces. Apples, nuts, and hard foods are going to be hard on your teeth. It’s good to not beat up your chompers too much. Soft foods can help take off some of the pain and let you keep them nice and healthy for a long time to come.

Caring for Your Gums

Your gums are another part of your oral hygiene that often gets overlooked. Without good care for your gums, your teeth will suffer as a consequence. Luckily for you, it’s not hard to care for your gums either. Getting the right nutrients will help them stay healthy, so a lot of vitamin C is necessary to prevent your gums from getting diseased. It’s also good to brush them gently to remove any of the foodstuffs that could collect. It’s really easy for your gum health to fall below good standards, so it’s a great reminder that this is something to keep up with as well as regular brushing and typical dental care.

Lifestyle Changes to Support a Healthy Mouth

Drinking alcohol is a common thing for social gatherings, so it’s not that you need to cut it out entirely, but alcohol has a lot of sugar and is very rough on the mouth. In a not similar way, tobacco can be very deadly to your mouth, especially with oral cancer, so it’s heavily advised for the sake of your overall health that you stop smoking. Coffee is good, but as mentioned, it can stain your teeth too, so cutting back may help. Finally, you should be making an effort to schedule your annual or bi-annual dentist visits to get checked out and cleaned.

You already know how important dental care is, so it’s not a shock that you have to be knowledgeable about making sure your teeth and gums are healthy. With some of these tips, and maybe some simple refreshers, you’ll be able to keep your teeth healthy for longer.

Published by HOLR Magazine.