The fashion industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and stories to share every day. Both Tiktok and Depop are popular platforms that were previously trending but whose growth has been accelerated by the rapid shift to online platforms in light of COVID-19, particularly amongst young people. This has led to the revival of old fashion trends, specifically from the 60s,70s, and early 2000s.

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

COVID-19 has led to innovation and the exploration of new or hidden talents. For many, this has been advertised and showcased on Tiktok. Many have downloaded the TikTok during lockdown participating in the trends and utilising popular sounds to make their videos go viral. Scrolling through can lead to numerous different ends of TikTok; one of which you can come upon is fashion TikTok. These areas range from styling tips, hauls, and thrifting. 

Users on fashion TikTok have been upcycling old clothes to make them trendier and showcasing them on their account. This had led to thousands of users wanting the creator to handmake the clothing in various designs and patterns and then sell them on Depop. However, this has not just been with clothes but with accessories such as totes and jewellery too.  

Nevertheless, such clothing items that have made a surprising comeback are corsets, delicate crop tops, flares, co-ords, and small yet chic handbags, all of which with vibrant prints or stand-out block colours. The majority are made from old fabrics such as bedding, old t-shirts, or items collected from thrift stores and charity shops. These then get advertised on TikTok, whilst promoting the users Depop account, curating followers on both platforms.

Depop has become increasingly popular in recent years as people, especially Gen-Z sell their old clothes, clothes they’ve found in thrift stores or original pieces that they have created. Depop is extremely similar to Instagram in layout, where you can explore “shops” that users have created for their items. Those with the most followers and reviews are the most popular and tend to have the most appealing and unique items. Nevertheless, those who market their Depop account on Tiktok have gained followers after viewing their viral videos, as well as having a similar age demographic. 

Both apps have created a great opportunity for sellers to advertise their products and market their brands in a unique and innovative way using both or either platform. For example, many popular fashion trends seen on Tiktok are heavily inspired by products sold on Depop; this symbiotic relationship between the two platforms can be used to promote Tiktok as a marketing platform as well as Depop as a sales platform.

This has helped to raise awareness about current fashion trends, encouraging consumers to make more purchases, as well as facilitating creative and revolutionary style. It has even led to Youtubers testing out the trend and making more detailed videos on how to make such chic and boutique-like clothing.

Overall, both apps appeal to a similar consumer base and both brands can benefit from the other’s consumers as well as its own original consumers. It has also allowed Gen-Z to explore a different side to fashion, where personality is reflected in the clothing.