Reality TV TikToker Ashley Laylock – AKA @ashleyvera__, is talking to HOLR!

Ashley Laylock (@ashleyvera__ on TikTok) is dishing the latest details on all things reality TV to HOLR! During our conversation, we chat through how Ashley got started on TikTok, how she finds and curates her content, and what she’s watching right now.

Get to know Ashley- and her content!- below.

How did you get started on TikTok?

Believe it or not, my whole social media career started when I began as a makeup artist. However, I was always invested in reality TV- I feel like I was watching reality TV before I was supposed to! I’m the youngest of four girls so all my sisters used to watch shows like “The Real World” and I’ve been hooked on reality TV ever since! I’ve always spoken about it on Instagram in my stories, asking people things like, “Who is watching this show?” and people would write to me in DMs. This is when I decided to talk about this on TikTok because I wanted to talk to people about things I was watching.

Where do you get the inspiration for your videos?

Honestly, before I would watch the shows, and then I would go back and want to talk about certain scenes. Now, while I am watching the show, because I am binge-watching them, I’ll put things in my notes to touch on later in my TikToks.

How long does it take you to find and research your content?

It doesn’t take long! Typically when I’m watching the show I record it to see what everybody else thinks about it. Sometimes people ask me about certain clips too, so I love it. It’s allowed me to connect more with my audience.

Is your content based on what you love watching (i.e. reality TV) or what you think your audience is looking for?

Most of the time it’s what I’m watching, so a lot of Netflix reality TV shows. However, I’m getting into a lot of the Peacock reality TV shows too, right now. My audience will always suggest shows to me, though.

You cover a lot of reality content on your channel but what is your favorite type of content to put out?

My content is more reality TV focused, but in my bio, I put reality TV, music, and sports. My family is a sports family so I do keep up with certain aspects. I also love talking about celebs and music on my page, as well. I am a huge Beyoncé and Rihanna fan. It’s another way to connect with people.

What reality TV shows are you currently watching?

So I just finished watching Perfect Match Season 2 and that was crazy! I am also watching Love Island USA and Love Island UK. This season, Love Island USA is better than the UK, in my opinion! I am getting ready to watch the newest season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. Also, The Mole and Love is Blind UK, which is coming out soon.

Perfect Match just ended- what are your thoughts on the cast coming forward with updates following the finale?

Honestly, I’m shocked but I’m not shocked at the same time. In terms of the whole Harry and Melinda kiss, I believed Melinda from the moment she said it even though we didn’t see any footage of that moment until the last episode. Hearing what happened behind the scenes of the show- like how the cast was claiming it was rigged on who would win- was kind of disappointing. However, it’s a game at the end of the day, which is what I had to keep in mind.

Perfect Match Season 1 seemed like people were actually trying to find a “Perfect Match” while Season 2 seemed more strategic- more like a game. Maybe that had to do with the cast and people like Bryton who came from Squid Game: The Challenge, and Tolú who was from The Trust.  Season 2 of Perfect Match was definitely juicier than Season 1, in my opinion.

Where do you see your channel going from here? 

I was going to get into possibly interviewing the cast myself! I have been covering all of these shows for almost 2 years now and I want to start talking to the cast. We speak in the comments, we follow each other on social media and they’ll even send me things like, “Hey I’m going to put this out tomorrow, can you post this?” I would love to get into interviewing them and asking them questions people on my page are genuinely curious about.

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