Whether it’s for the structure or interior; practicality is a must. When generally considering ‘what is practical’ the answer can be subjective. For some that means “the norm”, while others have such a unique concept that it can be difficult to understand and provide what may be practical for them! Founder & Owner of La Casa Azul, Design Superstar Juaneice Munoz, has those answers– providing a solution that is also tasteful, personalized, genuine, wholeheartedly unique, and gives back.

Way back when, Juaneice and her husband lost their jobs, and were facing threats of homelessness for them and their 3 kids. After recognizing her passion and natural talent for decorating and design Juaneice went to school to learn the fundamentals and tricks of the trade – which lead her to open La Casa Azul; top of the line, personalized interior design & architecture.

Juaneice was always a home body, so when she lost her home, she gained more value towards what home is and what makes a home.  Understanding this in depth and with empathy is a major bonus towards what makes La Casa Azul so unique. She genuinely enjoys exploring with and getting to know her clients in order to make their home the best she can for them – and each client’s needs range vastly.

Featured on Serena and Lily

To even better convenience her clients, Juaneice has opened up her own online shop! With such a Creative, adventurous, open mind, Juaneice is always finding one of a kind Knick knacks, furniture, and other pieces for interior design and architecture. She often includes a piece of herself in the designs that of course still suits and satisfies the client. People will ask where she finds these pieces or wants such a “piece of her” in their homes but cannot necessarily afford a full re-do or renovation. Her online store, which launched August 15th, will have a wide variety of unique and one of a kind pieces that she will update monthly for everybody to have the option of getting a little piece of La Casa Azul taste and design. The shop will be partnering with the Salvation Army down the line, giving back to the community that helped her and her family out during their harder times.

Authenticity and kindness are huge with Juaneice because everything about La Casa Azul screams that this came from her heart. As a young girl, she always included blue houses into her artworks at school – hence the name. She looks to give back to the community, and solve solutions for all of her clients, even if it means finding new and practical ways to make more options available. She understands what it is to have and create a home – making her open to ideas and creativity while best suiting clients needs.


Styling tips from the superstar designer? Paint and do the walls last. Make that fit in to everything else we have happening in the room; floor, furniture, purpose. The paint can easily be chosen to match that which you already have, instead of having to accommodate everything else to the wall colour.


For more looks at La Casa Azul works, and design inspirations check out the Azul online store, website and Instagram.