Did AD have anything to do with Kenneth and Brittant breaking up? HOLR breaks down AD’s recent response to the latest Love is Blind drama. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jayputons, AD recently took to social media to clear up some rumors surrounding claims that she had something to do with Kenneth and Brittany breaking up on Season 6 of Love is Blind.

As AD outlines in the reposted clip above, she claims that she did not “ruin it” for Kenneth and Brittany. “I don’t have that much power,” states AD. “Everyone was on their own journey.” AD alleges that she does not think that she ruined it for anybody.

AD and Kenneth Love is Blind

AD and Kenneth had a heart-to-heart when the group was hanging out on the beach, and she asked him if he typically dates white girls and how his relationship with Brittany was going. AD also asked some tough questions such as if Kenneth believed Brittany was ready to raise black children. Some fans thought that AD planted seeds of doubt in Kenneth’s head about his relationship with Brittany but this is seemingly not the case as Kenenth and Brittany had their own hurdles to face when out in the real world which contributed to their breakup during the show.

AD did not have a part in the pair breaking up, according to her.

What are your thoughts about AD addressing these alleged claims?

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Image credit: @jayputons TikTok