Arabella Chi and Adam Maxted have parted ways just five weeks following their departure from the Love Island All Stars villa.

Despite their promising start on the reality show, the couple failed to maintain their connection outside of the island, not even managing to meet up once since leaving the televised paradise.

Their romance, which captivated audiences during their time on Love Island, seemed destined for success. Arabella, the stunning model from London, and Adam, the charming wrestler from Belfast, quickly became one of the show’s most talked-about couples. With their chemistry evident to viewers, many hoped their love would withstand the challenges of the real world.

However, despite their initial spark, it appears that the pressures of life outside the villa took a toll on their relationship. Sources close to the couple reveal that conflicting schedules and distance played significant roles in their decision to part ways. Despite their best efforts to make it work, the logistics of maintaining a long-distance relationship proved insurmountable.

“Arabella Chi and Adam Maxted, once considered one of Love Island’s most promising couples, have decided to go their separate ways,” said a close friend of the pair. “It’s always tough when you meet someone in such a unique environment like Love Island, but reality sets in once you leave the villa.”

Published by HOLR Magazine.