By now just about everybody has heard about the D’Amelio family. Charlie D’Amelio has been the talk of the town the last couple of years.

Image Credit: IMDB

Born in 2004 Charlie is 17 years old and grew up in Connecticut. She has been a competitive dancer for over 10 years and began her social media career in late 2019. She began posting dances to popular songs on her TikTok account and began to gain quite a large following. She is now the most-followed creator on the app with a following 124.4 million users.

Dixie D’Amelio, Charlie’s older sister has followed suit and joined TikTok alongside her sister. With 55.1 million followers she has also gained quite a crowd of fans. She more recently has begun working on her singing career and has been releasing a few singles over this last year. Her most recent song Psycho coming out just over a month ago.

After the sister’s social media careers took off their parents, Heidi, and Marc, packed up their life in Connecticut and moved them all to Los Angeles. The girls continue working tirelessly on their influencer lives with their parents alongside them. The most recent project of theirs to be released is their reality show with Hulu.

Image Credit: IMDB

On September 3rd the world got an inside look into the D’Amelio family’s life. In this show, we see how hard this quick rise to fame has been for the sisters. We see how the busy schedules and negative comments the girls receive begin to break them down. We see how hard this is especially for Dixie, who has suffered from severe anxiety most of her life and receives the brunt of the negative comments.

A very interesting theme you begin to see throughout the series is that nobody seems to quite understand how they became famous, Charlie especially does not understand. It has been a question asked by many and she does not have an answer. As Charlie puts it, she “accidentally” became famous and does not see consider herself to be famous. It is very difficult to not put her or her sister into the celebrity category with the following they have managed to acquire. This is not the traditional type of celebrity the world is used to; in pre-internet days this family would not be famous.

Will the D’Amelio family be able to juggle what it means to be famous? Will the pressure of tight schedules and their lives on display get to them?

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