Fans have exposed Barry Keoghan’s past tweets and some of them bear an eerie resemblance to girlfriend Sabrina Carpener’s hit songs. 

July 11, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @cosmopolitan and this related article, fans have found Keoghan’s tweets from back in the day that seemingly reference some of his girlfriend Carpenter’s latest hit songs.

Barry Keoghan Twitter

In this tweet, Keoghan talks about being an “Espresso Addict” back in 2014. Carpenter’s song, Espresso, is one of the hit songs of the summer, so fans found this interesting.

In this other tweet from Keoghan from 2013, he uses the phrase “Please please Please” which is the now-name of another one of Carpenter’s hit songs.

Sabrina Carpenter Songs

In fact, Keoghan even stars in the “Please Please Please” music video alongside his girl, Carpenter.

Although neither has addressed rumors that Carpenter may have stolen inspo from KEoghan’s past tweets, what are your thoughts?

What do you think of this alleged uncanny resemblance between Keoghan’s tweets and Carpenter’s songs?

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Image Credit: @cosmopolitan TikTok 

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