Britney Spears allegedly beat up Sam Asghari in his sleep

Sources revealed to TMZ that Sam Asghari has told people that Britney Spears has been throwing hands at him over the years. “Sources with direct knowledge” explained that over their seven years together, Britney has gotten physical with him. Several fights would occur between the couple that would lead to security getting involved.

Asghari reportedly claimed that while he was sleeping, the “Gimme More” singer had attacked him, leaving Asghari with a black eye. TMZ’s sources explained that Sam did not defend himself while she was attacking him with punches in his sleep but was simply stunned by her actions. Photos that were taken of the model where he had bruises on his arm and a black eye align with the timing of his alleged report. But when paparazzi asked him about the bruising, Asghari tried to brush it off.

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The TikTok above goes into detail on the TMZ article that was posted Thursday. It mentions Britney’s supposed interest in knives which Sam was quite concerned about. Knives were placed around their houses and even the couple’s bedroom. The source had added that Britney “was paranoid someone was going to get her, and she needed the knives as protection.” But what really terrified Sam was Britney would tend to “fly off the handle” over the smallest things. This article comes after their alleged huge fight that triggered Sam into filing for divorce. Read here for more on Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s separation.

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