Dan Carney – a comedian- took to X to share a controversial post about Caitlyn Jenner. Is it true?

Dan Carney Caitlyn Jenner

Carney sparked a widespread debate following a viral post on the platform, X.

Caitlyn Jenner Dan Carney

In the post, Carney included an image featuring a black eye as well as the caption, “To my fellow valets out there: if Caitlyn Jenner wants to drive her car after finishing 11 dirty martinis, just let her.” The post seemingly insinuated that Carney received the black eye from Jenner.

Did Caitlyn Jenner Punch Dan Carney?

Although the internet was initially shocked at the allegation, according to this article, the post seems to be fake as Dan has previously completed multiple skits with a fake black eye.  Plus, there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Jenner punched Carney.

So, why did Carney post this controversial “joke” online?

It is unclear why Jenner was the target of the alleged joke that sparked a widespread debate on the internet. Jenner has had a seemingly controversial past after transitioning from male to female back in 2015 and having recently gone viral for commenting on OJ Simpson’s death.

What are your thoughts on these alleged claims and the joke? 

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