Fans Suspect Halle Bailey and DDG Break Up After Deleted Instagram Pictures

Halle Bailey and rapper DDG caused some noise online with crypt clues that the two have called it quits. This has led the internet to debate with one another on what is truly happening.

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Crypt Tweets

For the last couple of days, DDG has tweeted out a few tweets which fans believe are directed to Halle Bailey.

One tweet which has now been deleted sent fans over the edge, not a doubt in their minds that this was directed towards his (ex?) girlfriend, Halle Bailey.

Via Instagram @theshaderoom

Deleted Instagram Photos

If the tweets weren’t enough, the couple seems to have unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos of one another off their accounts.

This has left everyone extremely confused. In the summer, the couple was seen on dates and even took some trips together.

As expected, Twitter blew up with tweets demanding answers.

Some have pointed out that the two were not seen together at this year’s Grammy Awards. Halle attended the Clive Davis Pre Grammy party with her sister, Chloe Bailey. Both posed for some pictures on the carpet, looking completely unphased and pleased to be there.

Photo by Kayla Oaddams/WireImage

Are We Apart Of A Youtube Prank?

As more evidence of a breakup comes out, fans start to get a bit suspicious. DDG has a Youtube channel (PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS) with over 3.17 million followers. Some people have considered that this is a bit for a new Youtube video.

Via Youtube @pontiacmadeddgVLOGS

DDG recently tweeted, “The internet is so gullible”

Could this mean we were all a part of an inside joke?

Although possibly relieved, fans can’t help but feel uncomfortable with this kind of joke. In the replies, fans came to Halle’s defence.

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