Did Lady Gaga Have A Baby?

Rumours are swirling online that Lady Gaga has welcomed her first child due to a post on Deux Moi. The post said, “I have it on very good authority (as they say) that this [A-List Singer] is a Mama!! She welcomed a baby recently. Don’t know the name but all are very healthy and happy!”

The post has led to people speculating that 37-year-old Lady Gaga had a child via surrogacy as she is still performing in Las Vegas for her residency and that she was filming The Joker until April.

Is Lady Gaga Pregnant

Lady Gaga pregnantSome people are also saying it may be hard for Gaga to carry a baby herself as she suffers from Fibromyalgia and hence people are wondering if a surrogate did give birth to her baby. Gaga’s team has not confirmed the news and at this time it is pure speculation. While there were other names being mentioned as possibilities, a lot of them were ruled out because Deux Moi has previously posted what she considers to be A-List. As she extracted the name and replaced it with the term ‘A-List’ it narrowed the possibilities for people as it alludes to the singer not only being A-List but also a first-time mom.

So far there has been no evidence to support that Lady Gaga had a baby but people who were in Vegas to watch her perform did say that her partner Michael Polansky has been there with her and her other family members have also been spotted. While Lady Gaga and Polansky allegedly broke up earlier this year, they have been spotted together in Vegas multiple times, leading people to believe that they are back together. With Gaga’s Vegas residency coming to an end with only one show remaining, perhaps there will be an announcement soon if the news is true.

We will update this space if the news does turn out to be true.

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