Sometimes when you are overburdened with the stressors of life and work, it is important to give yourself the time to step away and take a breather. The demands of everyday life and day to day routine can wear you down and even make you sick.


Living in a busy city can add to the need to get away as it really can take its toll with crowding, pollution, crime, traffic, expensive housing, etc., It can drain not just your physical energy, but your mental energy as well. This in turn decreases productivity, creativity and efficiency. 

If you feel like you are failing to work to your full potential, read below to find out why you should take a vacation from city life.


For a Change of Scenery


Monotony and lack of interesting experiences can lead to depression. This is true whether it is the day in and day out grind of your job or even just the lack of a change of scenery in your life.

A change of scenery can come to the rescue by presenting you with not only excitement and stimulation but also it can give you new perspectives. Taking the time to experience and see new things actually increases your ability to think more creatively and think more outside the box.

Seeking out a new view isn’t just for fun, it’s also for your mental health.


Take a Break from Technology


No matter how helpful your mobile phones and computers are for life and work, they can pose a threat to your personal calm and peace. The number of hours you spend watching a screen or typing messages can do physical damage too in harming your eyes and body due to overuse and posture. 

 The beautiful landscapes that you keep as background wallpapers actually exist! You just need to allow yourself to take the time to take care of you, pack your bags and get going. Or if you can’t get away physically, at least take some time away and soak up some nature in a local park or inspire your imagination with a good book!


Scrap Your Routine

One word that can’t be avoided when living in a city is “routine”. It incorporates all that must be done or followed to maintain order. Alarm, breakfast, office, lunch, traffic, sleep, and repeat. All tasks have to be completed within 24 hours and you rarely have the option to switch things up. This “grind” can lead to frustration and poor mental health.


When you take a break from your busy, repetitive city life, you get away from the rat race. You have a chance to shake things up, try a new order to your day and surprise yourself. Who knows what you may discover about you!



Exploration necessitates courage. 

The most dramatic rise of human history was when people went out to explore uncharted lands, and that in turn increased opportunities for knowledge and improved living conditions. 


Taking a break from city life does not require you to spend a lot of money going abroad or arranging for huge expeditions. One can simply go to a nearby place which may be unfamiliar and new to experience a sense of exploration. Change of location, people or food can be just what you need to refresh your mind and body. 


Relieve Stress

Go ahead and look up vacation rentals on the Outer Banks for the perfect seaside getaway perfect for relieving stress! Sea water doesn’t just reduce stress but can offer health benefits in a lot of other ways as well. It can relax your muscles, mentally and spiritually calm you and helpt to promote deep sleep. 

The open beaches and surrounding ecosystem can help in cleansing you both inside and out. From enjoying local seafood, filled with omega-3 fatty acids to bathing in the sun and receiving all it’s immune boosting Vitamin D. A seaside getaway is perfect for relieving stress.



Our health is of utmost importance. To keep it in the best condition possible, one must take out time to put in ample conscious effort to maintain it. Good physical and mental health increases productivity, happiness and enjoyment of life at work and at play. So don’t worry, be happy and get out of the city for a refresher as often as you can.