Some Bachelor viewers feel like Joey was harder on Maria than other girls. Is this true? HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

When Maria opened up about how difficult the experience has been, sharing how hard it is for her to see Joey with other women his reply was reportedly a bit harsh, according to some fans. He responded to her saying that it’s not his job to pull that out of her. Fans seemingly pointed out that when another contestant, Daisy, had similar concerns he seemed to have more drive to chase her.

When it came to hometowns it seemed as though Joey was more critical of Maria. The idea that she never brought a guy home was something he continued to bring up. After she shared that piece of information he said he was surprised to learn that he was the first person Maria had ever brought home to meet her family.

After Maria’s father met Joey he shared with Maria that he asked her father if it were to be Maria in the end, would he have his blessing. Once it came to the rose ceremony after meeting the families, Maria pulled Joey aside. After she expressed that she was falling for him she did not receive a rose. In their goodbye conversation Joey shared that it feels wrong in some ways.

Many fans allegedly felt a shift in Joey’s behavior towards Maria and seemingly took to social media to share their thoughts on platforms such as TikTok and X.

Do you think Joey was treating Maria differently in the last few episodes? Nothing has been confirmed as this is all speculation based on fan theories and rumors but what are your thoughts?

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Image credits: @bachelorabc Instagram