Sydney Sweeney allegedly lied about being a Universal Studios tour guide. HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this YouTube video posted by Celebritea Blinds, Sydney Sweeney has allegedly been caught lying about being a tour guide for Universal Studios.

Sydney Sweeney Universal Studios

Celebritea Blinds YouTube

Sydney Sweeney Universal Studios

As noted in the video, a blind item claim alleges that Sweeney is being called out for lying about another part of her past. Supposedly, Sweeney “can’t keep any of her stories straight” as noted in the blind item claim. Fans are reportedly calling out the star for lying about being a Universal Studios tour guide when the reference was brought up on “Hot Ones.”

A related article outlined in the YouTube video above references TikToker @thebeccamurray video here who claims that Sweeney seemingly becomes guarded and tight-lipped when discussing the topic of being a past tour guide citing the latest interview in claims.

Sydney Sweeney Hot Ones

Here’s the clip of Sweeney on Hot Ones posted to TikTok (@dawson.jfk) discussing working as a tour guide at Universal Studios.

Sydney Sweeney Hot Ones


Fans took to the comment section to respond to these claims from the above TikTok video with opinions and their own experiences.

Sweeney has not addressed these alleged claims that she has lied about this part of her life.

What do you think- Is Sweeney lying?

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