Sydney Sweeney Defends Sam Levinson From ‘The Idol’ Backlash

A close up of Sam Levinson posing on the red carpet premiere of 'Euphoria'

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Sam Levinson Controversy

HBO’s ‘The Idol’ had been making headlines throughout its production, but now that it’s out the controversy has only grown. With its release ‘The Idol’ has proven those rumors to be true with its appalling reviews and reactions.

Its creator, Sam Levinson, has been the main target for these critiques, but now someone has stepped forward to publicly defend him. Actress, Sydney Sweeney, who stars in Levinson’s show ‘Euphoria’, voiced her opinions on the backlash she’s seen come Levinson’s way.

Her own show, ‘Euphoria‘, has gained Levinson backlash on the show’s excessive nudity from its teenage characters. Several ‘Euphoria’ cast members say they recall feeling uncomfortable with the amount of nudity they were required to show during the latest season.

Sydney Sweeney herself told the media that she asked Sam Levinson to cut back on her nude scenes, of which she has the mostly far. She felt it was uncomfortable, unnecessary, and distracting. She said “I’m very proud of my work on Euphoria – but no one talks about it because I got naked.”

And although she says he agreed, it makes you wonder just how much nudity Levinson is asking his actors to participate in; since there is still so much remaining after these cuts.

Sam Levinson (left) Lily-Rose Depp (middle) and Abel / The Weekend (right) at the premiere of 'The Idol' at Cannes Film Festival

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This controversy has continued with ‘The Idol’. The audience knew to expect nudity, but what has made it worse is the violent nature accompanying it. A former crew member spoke out after leaving the show mid-production, calling it “sexual torture porn”.

Levinson along with the stars of the show, Lily-Rose Depp and Abel (The Weekend), have defended the graphic content in ‘The Idol’ several times, but Sweeney marks the first person outside of the project to come to Levinson’s defense.

She hints at the drama stemming from false narratives saying: “It’s hard to see someone completely trashed by the public and the media when no one’s actually there. We [‘Euphoria’ cast] are there, and clearly we’re still working on the show, and we’re still supportive.”

Cast members from both ‘The Idol’ and ‘Euphoria’ have spoken on the intentions of the excessive nudity in their shows. Sweeney said: “The point is making people uncomfortable and thinking outside the box. What else is the point of art? For me, I feel so free and confident now. And I’ve found that through Cassie.”

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