Did Taylor Swift have a miscarriage? HOLR is breaking down the alleged news.

Taylor Swift Pregnant?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @devotedly.yours, celeb gossip platform- @deuxmoi- allegedly posted then deleted a post about Taylor Swift reportedly having a miscarriage.

taylor swift miscarriage

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Nothing has ever been confirmed regarding Swift being pregnant or having a miscarriage. Swift’s publicist Tree Paine publicly called out the platform on social media for spreading fake news- such as the alleged news that Swift and her ex, Joe Alwyn, had a marriage ceremony- in that they should be “held accountable for the pain and trauma” caused by posts such as this.

Taylor Swift Miscarriage

Swift and her team have the right to squash any rumors but it seems as though the more they address it, the more people talk about it. It’s almost as if it is a lose-lose situation. Miscarriages are extremely painful and private subjects for people, as the TikToker states, so Paine was responding to the “pain and trauma” these types of posts can cause- even if not true.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these claims made by the platform, what do you think about Swift’s publicist coming forward to address rumors?

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