Did Taylor Swift snub Celine Dion at this year’s Grammys? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

Celine Dion made a surprise appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards to present Album of the Year. In the emotional clip, Dion thanks the audience as she takes the stage to present the award.

Taylor Swift Celine Dion

Taylor Swift ended up winning and she came on stage to accept the award. According to this TikTok video posted by user @.monica.0321, it is alleged that Swift seemingly snubbed Dion while coming forward to accept the award for her accomplishment.

@.monica.0321 TIKTOK

Taylor Swift Best Album Of The Year

In the ciral clip, Swift seemingly hugs the majority of people on stage and then goes to grab the Grammy from Dion, who is holding it out for her. Swift then takes the award and seemingly goes straight into her speech. Dion stands by momentarily, seemingly waiting for Swift to acknowledge her- which doesn’t happen.

It’s possible that Swift was just excited at the moment and didn’t realize that her actions could be perceived as “snubbing” the presenter. However, this was Dion’s first appearance in months as she has been battling Stiff Person Syndrome, which is why it was a big deal that the singer was in attendance at the award ceremony.

Users took to the comment section of the above TikTok video to leave their opinions on the “embarrassing” interaction, as well.

Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey

Some fans found Swift’s actions interesting as other winners- such as Miley Cyrus- acknowledged their presenters. When Cyrus took the stage earlier, she asked presenter Mariah Carey to stand by her as she accepted the award.

Although we don’t know for sure if Swift was intentionally snubbing Dion- and Swift has not addressed these alleged claims- what do you think of this viral clip?

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