Travis Scott drops his first album in 5 years, the album called “Utopia” was released on Friday, July 28, 2023.

Fans and tabloids are all over Travis Scott’s new album after one particular track “Meltdown” appears to throw serious shade towards Timothée Chalamet. It is hard not to assume that this is the case when the lyrics to the song include “Chocolate” and “Willy Wonka Factory” are heard in the song. Scott also raps in the song about “another flame hot as me, bitch” and this is a clear reference to his split with Jenner.

Fans were quick to take to social media to comment on the shade, saying things like “Never in my life would I’ve thought to witness travis scott dissing Timothee Chalamet.” While another took to Twitter to mock the diss by giving thanks for the movie promo. A few other fans were mocking the rapper outright by dissing the comparison Scott seemingly made between himself and Chalamet.

This will be Travis Scott’s first album release since the Astroworld tragedy two years ago and one has to wonder, is this how he chooses to kick off a new album? with anger and resentment?

Well to each his own and best of luck to the new album we suppose.

travis scott and kylie jenner

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Travis Scott is no stranger to controversy.

Over the years Scott has had his fair share of controversies and legal troubles so we guess that shading your ex’s rumored new beau in your new album is no tough feat and well easy to do. Among Scott’s controversies over the years range from getting arrested at “lollapalooza”, inciting chaos at his concerts, various lawsuits, alleged cheating scandals, and more. So, shading your ex and the mother of your children in your songs probably wouldn’t mean much to the rapper (Eminem anyone?)

All about Travis Scott’s new album “Utopia”

According to Rolling Stone, the new album didn’t originally list feature artists but apparently Utopia is stacked with feature artists. Among them Beyonce and Bon Iver on “Delresto (Echoes),” while James Blake appears alongside Westside Gunn on “Lost Forever” and alongside 21 Savage on the closing track “Til Further Notice” according to the article in Rolling Stone. This would make the album an interesting ensemble of voice talents and sounds would you say?

travis scott utopia

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