A pattern of unethical behaviour and everything we know about the events that took place in Houston. 


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A Travis Scott concert in Houston has left 8 people dead, two people in critical condition and hundreds injured. The youngest victim, John Hilgert, 14, was a freshman who played football and baseball. Danish Baig, 27, died protecting his fiance.

Thomas Drought, 10, was found on the floor of the concert badly bruised with head injuries. Some reports have claimed he has succumbed to his injuries however, it has not been confirmed by officials.


Travis Scott

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Friday’s devastating “mass casualty event” appears to be the deadliest crowd control disaster since a 1979 Who concert that left 11 people dead.

The case is still open for investigation but officials say the cause was the crowd surging toward the stage. Fans were passing out due to being unable to breathe as their bodies were too tightly pressed up against each other. Unconscious bodies lay on the ground being trampled on as others were being crowd-surfed out of the barricades.

The Houston police also have narcotics detectives investigating reports of an attendee injecting people with drugs. According to the city’s fire chief, Samuel Pena, several people were treated with Narcan.

Before the show started a time was displayed on the big screen with a count down. As the numbers decreased the force of the crowd pushing forward increased. 

Travis Scott

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After the first song, Travis acknowledged a fan who had passed out. 

“Just play it slowly. We need somebody’s help, somebody passed out right here.” He then encouraged his security to help. However, while a person lay passed out in front of him the rapper did not ask for the music to stop playing and instead started to sing, “Yeah” repeatedly. 

By this point, the crowd was already out of control. As an artist, he had the power at that moment to stop the music and deescalate the situation. 

“As soon as Travis Scott started… the whole crowed started raging,” a fan who attended the event said on TikTok. “Everybody just screams (ed), help, help, help.” 

Travis Scott also addressed an ambulance in the crowd, “There’s an ambulance in the crowd, whoa, whoa, whoa”. However, again instead of investigating or deescalating the chaotic crowd he encouraged fans to “make the ground shake”.

Shortly after this, Drake was brought on stage increasing the rush toward the stage and the “raging”. Scott and Drake are facing lawsuits from two separate attendees who were injured, claiming they incited the crowd. 

Although Scott claims to have been unaware of the situation it is hard to believe that is true. Scott was aware that the crowd was chanting, “stop the show” as he is seen on various videos posted to social media acknowledging it. 

“Who asked me to stop,” asked Scott. He then said, “ya’ll know what you came to do,” before continuing his performance.

However, even if Scott had no idea of the gravity of the situation, as is claimed, the show had stopped three times and continued. After acknowledging injuries and paramedics it is a wonder why it took 30 minutes for the show to stop.


Photo Credit: Twitter

The crew was also aware of the situation. The video above shows two attendees begging a cameraman to “stop the show”. “There is someone dead in there.”

Additionally, there were warning signs throughout the day as other sets had issues of rushing fans and the venue had issues of people rushing in without tickets. 

Scott has a history with violent concerts. In 2015, he was arrested after encouraging fans to climb over the barricades at Lollapalooza. Thankfully security was able to control the situation before anyone got hurt.

At a 2017 concert in Arkansas, several people were injured after Scott encouraged them to rush the stage. He was then charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, and endangering the welfare of a minor

That same year in New York he encouraged a fan to jump off of a balcony. That fan was thankfully ok but another fan who was pushed off the same balcony was paralyzed. 

Variety has confirmed Travis will not perform at Day N Vegas on Saturday and will refund all attendees who bought tickets. Sources say Scott is, “too distraught to play”.