Oshin Brar, the woman featured in the recent viral photos with Diljit Dosanjh, has hinted that there may have been interference preventing her from collaborating with the Punjabi singer-actor once more.

Oshin, known for her work in the entertainment industry, emphasized that she was solely focused on her craft and had no inkling as to why such rumors had surfaced. Despite her dedication to her career, the invasive nature of gossip had led to unwarranted scrutiny and speculation about her personal life.

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Oshin Brar, whose images circulated online mistakenly identifying her as Diljit Dosanjh’s wife, revealed that there were forces at play attempting to prevent her from collaborating with the Punjabi star once more.

Oshin said- “I think someone didn’t wish me to do the movie promotions (for Mukhtiar Chadha) with him, even though I was the lead of the movie, and then someone didn’t want me to work with him ever again. I am still clueless about this behavior and calls. It could be because I was just 19 and did both my debut projects with him (Diljit). To be honest it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t need any fame out of it. I had such an amazing time working with him. I was only 19 and he helped me a lot during the shoot in understanding the movie character and I believe he didn’t change at all. He treated the entire cast with love and respect.” (here)

Addressing the viral photos featuring herself and Diljit, which sparked unfounded rumors of their marriage, Oshin Brar unequivocally dismissed all speculation and said- “I have no clue why people thought I am his wife.”
Oshin Brar’s poignant response to the rumors surrounding her alleged relationship with Diljit Dosanjh serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and truth in an industry often plagued by sensationalism. As she continues to grace the silver screen with her talent and grace, one thing remains abundantly clear: Oshin Brar is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the screen.

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