Italian prosecutors have reportedly been investigating Dior’s use of third-party suppliers. This is the ugly truth.

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July 4, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @screenshothq, Italian prosecutors have reportedly been investigating Dior’s use of third-party suppliers.


Italian prosecutors have investigated Dior’s use of third-party suppliers and revealed that a supplier was paid $57 to make bags sold for $2,780. Investigators discovered that workers slept in facilities to maintain around-the-clock production, with some workers lacking proper documentation. The probe also implicated Armani, with similar findings. Judges have ordered that both Armani and Dior be placed under judicial administration for one year, although they will be allowed to operate throughout this period. #dior #armani #milanitaly #fastfashion #luxuryfashion #diorbag

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Dior Bags $57

Allegedly, it was discovered that a third-party supplier was paid $57 for a bag that sold for roughly $2,780 t retail. The costs allegedly don’t include raw materials such as leather

The investigation also supposedly uncovered evidence showing workers sleeping at the facility to ensure 24/7 production. Production was also happening at night and during holidays. Most of the workers were reportedly from China, in which the subcontractors were Chinese-owned firms. As well, it’s alleged that a couple of the workers were living in the country immediately while some others were working without the required documentation.

As the TikToker also notes, safety devices were also removed so workers could use them faster.

The investigation also looked into Armani contractors, in which this led to the uncovering that contractors were paid $99 for bags that sold for over $,1,900 retail.

According to this article by the New York Post, makers behind luxury brands such as Dior and Armani seemingly hired contractors that pay workers as little as $2 an hour to make the iconic handbags that retail for thousands.

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