Actresses Lili Reinhart And Sydney Sweeney Clap Back At Feud Rumors

Two photos stitched together vertically. Left: Lili Reinhart. Right: Sydney Sweeney.

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Lili Reinhart VS Sydney Sweeney

This past Saturday, Armani Beauty hosted a dinner as the main sponsor of the Venice Film Festival. Many stars attended the high-profile event, but the most noteworthy moment took place before the dinner even started.

Though there’s no way to get a look inside the event, the red carpet was visible to the public, and those watching believe they may have caught on to a new celebrity feud.

user on TikTok posted a video showing, popular actresses, Sydney Sweeney and Lili Reinhart greeting each other. The video has officially gone viral with 17 million views and counting; all from users speculating wether or not Sweeney and Reinhart dislike each other. Take a look:


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Lili’s Response

When looking at this particular interaction it’s important to consider that onlookers have nothing to go on but others’ assumptions. There has been no legitimate evidence or comments confirming the actresses’ supposed beef.

But now, it’s safe to say that this ‘feud’ can be put to rest, as Lili Reinhart has taken to her Instagram to nip these rumors in the bud.

She posted a photo of her and Sydney Sweeney on her Instagram Stories with the message “We’ll be over here if you need us”, which Sydney later reposted on her own Stories.

A full screenshot of Lili Reinhart's instagram story showing a selfie between herself (right) and Sydney Sweeney.

Credit: Lili Reinhart/ Instagram

Looks like the these two are more annoyed with the rumors than each other.

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