Dior has opened Paris Fashion Week with its fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection. Christian Dior is an iconic French atelier and it was obvious that the house would be the brand that opened one of the most famous fashion shows in the entire world. 

Dior found a way to bring the audience in with the opening of the show, with an all-black bodysuit that had florescent green lines throughout it. The show may have been the highlight of the week, but nothing could take the eyes of the audience off the news of the Ukrainian war. 

As “the show must go on” the show did in fact go on, and many looks that are classic to Dior were walked, and many that were new and interesting definitely had eyes glued to them. 

From classic Dior looks like grey tailored suits, to the new looks of the inside-out bar jacket, Dior kept the Fall collection iconic yet daring. One of the best looks to date is the fact that Dior keeps it cool, and creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri knows how to honour Christian Dior and not smudge its name to try and fit in with the times. 

Although Dior is following some trends, Chiuri knows that keeping things classic allows for your audience to come back and never bat an eye when it comes to new collections. This collection in particular has a way of keeping the classic colours of grey/slate/black pallette but adding pops of colour like neon yellow, royal blue and sunburst red into the mix to add its more generational flare. 

Look 2:


model walking on runway


The inside-out jacket is a look that brands are going to drool over. A classic jacket that was originally created by Christian Dior himself is still as iconic as ever. The inside-out padding on the jacket gives off the utilitarian/technological look that both reinvents the jacket but still allows the classic look to stay true to itself. 

Look 13:

model walking on runway


A corset is something that can always change and still always look the same. The corset is the main prop in this fall look, giving you the shape and silhouette you need in the cold winter months. The calf-length faux-fur black coat is the perfect idea for

a winter coat that needs that extra shape, and you get it all with the leather corset and all of its details. 

Look 65:

model walking on runway


With a coat like this, you’re not going to want summer to come because you won’t want to take this off. A leather shearling coat is another iconic fall/winter accessory that everyone needs. This coat is different and Dior, with its slim cut, square bottom and reverse shearling, this coat is going to be the best new look on the market. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine 

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