Wearing clothes that suit your style is fun and often makes us feel a little more confident in ourselves. Learn how to find your style and own it!

How To Find Your Style

When it comes to finding your style it can take time in finding exactly what it is. There are several things to consider, but it comes down to 5 basic categories: fabrics, colours, designs, cuts, and articles of clothing. When you are selecting your choices, the three things to keep in mind are what you find comfortable, what makes you happy when you see it, and what makes you feel confident when you wear it. This is different for every person, sometimes this apparel might be baggy sweat pants and a plain-coloured t-shirt, for others, it could be a multi-layered dress in bright red colours. If there is a cute blue skirt that you really like, nothing should stop you from wearing it (except, of course, bad weather). If what you’re wearing makes you feel cute or sophisticated, and you wanna feel that way, who’s to tell you that you can’t!

Getting Comfortable With Your Style

It’s important to find things that make you comfortable, happy and confident as all three have an impact on your mood. Even if it’s just a little, wearing clothes that make you feel that way will make every day just a little better. Obviously, there won’t be a drastic effect, but every time you look in the mirror you may feel a little more confident, and every time you move or sit down, you’ll feel all the comfier. What you wear most of the time will impact how you feel most of the time. Often most people have a favourite time of the day or occasion, whether it’s being at home where you can “just be yourself” or dressing up to go to social events. There is no reason you can’t wear that type of attire more often!

How To Own It.

In life, it’s often the small things that make us happy, and if changing our attire will make a difference in our comfort and happiness, then it deserves all the change needed to get there. Style is subjective and considering that society places so much attention on physical appearance, you shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to look nice! Remember that dressing nice doesn’t make you any less intelligent and doesn’t make you superficial. All it means is that you are putting in the effort to look (and feel) like your best self! Owning your style means knowing what you’re wearing makes you feel comfortable, confident and happy.

So go forth and dress up to your heart’s content!

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