Does Queen Bey write her own music? This is a hot topic of discussion on Reddit and we’re breaking down the reasons why.

We can’t stop talking about Beyoncé after the singer celebrated an incredible Grammy night, making history while in attendance. The singer reportedly broke a record for the most Grammy wins of all time. As a result, people have questions. For instance, “Does Beyoncé write her own music Reddit” is a trending topic online right now, so HOLR is breaking down the reasons why.

Does Beyonce write her own music Reddit

According to Reddit, she does. In a thread on the platform, a user posted this comment: “‘Everything is Love’ Producers: “Beyoncé was 100% involved in the writing process”

Other Reddit users took to the thread to share their opinions on this claim. “While I definitely don’t think pop artists need to write their own music (it’s cool if they do though) I don’t think we should be as impressed by this as is implied,” said one user.

Another user came to Beyoncé’s defense stating, “She’s more involved in the creation process than Ariana, Kylie Minogue or JLo and yet they never get dragged as much as her…”

According to one comment, Beyoncé  “has been writing music since the 1990s in Destiny’s Child.” The user went on to say, “I don’t see why people criticize someone who collaborates with other artists, especially when they’ve done more than enough to prove their own talent.”

It seems like Beyoncé has played a part in writing her own music. Go, Queen Bey!

She really never ceases to amaze us.

Album of the year winners

This year’s Grammy Awards saw Harry Styles win the award for Album of the Year, even though Beyoncé fans thought she was more deserving. This stirred up some controversy as Beyoncé is a decorated singer but has not yet won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

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