Are Clay and AD still together following the latest episode drop? CAUTION: Spoilers from episode 12 of Love is Blind ahead.

AD and Clay Love is Blind Spoilers

According to the latest episode from season 6 of Love is Blind, AD and Clay made it to the altar. However, things took a turn when AD said “I do” and Clay said that he wasn’t ready for marriage right now. “What the f*ck,” AD could be seen saying at the altar when she learned that Clay could not commit to a marriage in that moment.

AD and Clay Still Together

AD and Clay seemingly had a strong relationship throughout the series, but Clay struggled with the idea of marriage following his father’s commitment issues with his mother. Clay’s father allegedly took him on “infidelity trips” where he would cheat on his mom. Although Clay’s parents were together for almost 24 years before getting divorced, Clay did not witness a faithful relationship between his parents as a result of his father cheating on his mother.

AD and Clay Love is Blind Reddit

When Clay and AD made it to the altar, AD was all in but Clay was more reserved because he felt as though it would not be responsible for him to say “I do” and commit to a marriage right now if he can’t give AD 100%. This was a difficult decision for Clay and there is clearly still love between the pair but AD has made it clear in the past that she could not continue dating Clay if he were to say “No” at the altar.

AD and Clay Love is Blind Season 6

As a result, are the two still together today?

It is unclear as the duo have not addressed their relationship since the latest episode drop. Fans are hopeful that the pair may have reconnected but the final episode showed Clay and AD seemingly parting ways. It is possible that the duo have reconnected since the show finished filming but we won’t know for certain until they address claims. In the past, there have been reunion specials for the show so this is likely where we will be able to find out if the pair continued dating or not, so we will have to stay tuned and see.

For now, there have been no indications online regarding the duo still dating, so this is all speculation.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode drop?

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