The new plant-based products from Dove Men+Care including Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Body Wash and Haircare provide a sensorial experience with superior care. 

Dove Men+Care has used alternative non-animal methods to test product safety for the last 30 years. Dove Men+Care does not test on animals and is certified cruelty-free by PETA. In fact, every product will carry the official verified logo for that added peace of mind. Following Dove’s global commitment to more sustainable packaging, they’ve designed every bottle to be recyclable and made with 100% recyclable plastic. 


 Revitalizing Eucalyptus + Birch. 

Looking for naturally derived shampoo without compromising performance? This naturally derived fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner for men thoroughly cleanses & purifies for healthier-looking hair. Groom confidently with this revitalizing shampoo, formulated with Eucalyptus & Birch scents! Hair care for stronger, healthy hair every day. Great hair care does not stop in the shower!  

Purifying Charcoal + Clay 

Dove Men+Care Charcoal Purifying Shampoo, designed for deeply clean, healthy hair. Clarifying charcoal shampoo deep cleanses and purifies your hair, leaving it visibly healthy. Strengthening shampoo for men fortifies the hair fibre for added resilience. More natural shampoo with 90% naturally derived formula, with a fresh scent for up to 24 hours. 


Invigorating Lime + Sage Antiperspirant & Purifying Charcoal Antiperspirant

These antiperspirants provide 48-hour sweat and odour protection to keep you feeling fresh and dry on busy, active days. One of the strongest defences against sweat and odour, this antiperspirant is made with natural essential oil extract, plant-based moisturizers, and the invigorating scent of Lime and Sage and the purifying effect of Charcoal. 

Lime + Sage 0% aluminum Deodorant & Eucalyptus + Birch 0% aluminum Deodorant

These nature-inspired deodorant sticks combine a plant-based moisturizer with 48-hour odour protection, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. With 0% aluminum, 0% alcohol, and free from parabens, you can trust these deodorant sticks to keep odour at bay without irritating your skin. For best results, apply this aluminum-free deodorant after bathing or showering, once the skin is cool and dry. Enjoy the invigorated and fresh feeling and the reassurance that comes with up to 48 hours of odour protection.


Relaxing Eucalyptus Oil + Cedar, Purifying Charcoal + Clove & Reinvigorating Lime + Avocado Oil

These Dove Men+Care Body Wash for men hydrates skin while offering you a refreshing, relaxing and invigorating shower experience. Made with natural essential oils, exfoliants and plant-based cleansers, they effectively wash away odour-causing bacteria and moisturize your skin. This Body Wash does what they promise: they’re tough on odour, but not on your skin. Reset and unwind from the moment you apply it and take in the natural scents of Eucalyptus and Cedar, Charcoal + Clove or Lime and Avocado Oil. Sulphate-free and cruelty-free inspired body washes.

The new range of products is now available for purchase nationally at drug stores and grocery marts.