If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of frizzy hair,  sorry to disappoint you, there is no magic, one-size-fits-all solution. 

A lot of hair-care brands have bombarded us with messaging that frizzy hair is the enemy, but it is something worth embracing as Frizz can be a halo or a crown, and it gives hair texture and life. 


But if you prefer a sleeker look, and looking for ways to decrease damage and get more healthy hair overall, or find flyaways to be annoying, as we know frizz is not for everyone especially when it is not intentional. 

For those days, here are some frizzy-hair tips and tricks:

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Get A Great Hair Dryer:
If frizz is something that is really driving you crazy, it might be time to invest in a gold-standard dryer, as a great dryer will really lay the foundation for smooth hair. Coupled with the right high-quality brush for your hair texture, a professional-grade dryer is the best way to tame frizz.

You can check out Salono hairdryer available on amazon. 

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Style Your Hair When It Is Wet:

To avoid frizzy hair, skip a towel turban and apply your hair products on your super wet hair right out of the shower. Also when applying for a leave-in conditioner, try combing through and apply a curl cream with your fingers as this process gives moisture, enhances curl definition and holds your style.


Try A Silk Pillowcase:
Change your pillowcase to a silky one as the fabric does not crease your hair and helps prevent frizzy hair.

Avoid Touching Your Hair:

The number one tip for preventing frizz is to keep your hands out of your curls, this tip may be easier said than done but it is a good thing to remind yourself.

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Brush Down Frizz:

Once your hair is dry and styled, you may still have a few flyaways. To set them into place, spray a clean mascara wand or toothbrush with alcohol-free hairspray before combing them through your hair. The close bristles make these tools perfect locking each hair into place for a sleek bun or a high-pony that pulls your hair out of your face and lasts all day.

Published on HOLR Magazine.